Guest Profile: Kenta Satou

Not just a sentai actor but indeed a talented singer. Satō Kenta -San (佐藤 健太)  was known for his role  in Kousoku Sentai Turboranger  as the Red Turbo, Riki Honoo.  He was also the one who sang most of the songs for the said series.  Before getting the role of Red Turbo, Satou-san first appeared  in Kamen Rider Black RX . 

It’s been 27 years since the Turbo Ranger  series first aired in Japan and it seems that Satou-san has found the fountain of youth. He has still been actively appearing on various sentai events. He was also one of the guests in last year’s Toku Spirits here in the Philippines and he sure did aced his song number. 

One great news is that he will be back for Tokuspirits 2017 on August 12-13 at SM Megamall!

What are you waiting for? Da-da-dashu! Reserve your tickets now and don’t miss this fantastic event.



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