Dragon Ball Super: new movie with Broly as the protagonist?

Broly Could be the antagonist of the next Dragon Ball Super film.

we are cery close to the end of the year and the projects in the world of “#Dragon Ball Super” facing the next year are already being announced. Among these projects is expected an upcoming film that would be released in 2017, but the interesting thing about this is that the film’s antagonist could be the legendary Super Saiyan, Broly.

Rumors of a new movie had been spreading over the network for several months, but after a while these rumors were flatly denied. However, several days ago, Mr. Tayadoshi Yamamuro (designer who collaborated with Akira Toriyama on “Dragon Ball Z“) presented an idea for an upcoming Dragon Ball movie.

In recent days, Mr. Tayadoshi was interviewed by the magazine Animedia and said that the project was almost confirmed, and that they only needed to decide who would be the protagonists and give an interesting plot to the film so that the creator of the manga (Akira Toriyama) could approve everything and they could get started on the proposed project.


Picture taken from Dragonballsuper – France


The interesting thing about all this is that the interviewer from the magazine asked Mr. Yamamuro what the ideas were for this new film and the designer replied: “There are very good ideas and we are trying to create the best possible plot. Among these ideas are to make a film that has Uub as the protagonist but to personal taste I would like to see Broly again on screen.

As you see, Mr. Yamamuro is inclined towards a new film in which Broly is the antagonist, to be pitted against the protagonist’s as a resurgence of this incredible warrior. It would be interesting to see what he can do against the new and astonishing powers currently possessed by Goku and Vegeta and what impression Bills would have upon seeing such a warrior.

Question: would you like to see Broly again, this time in “#Dragon Ball Super,” or do you think they would be over exploiting the character?

Source: blastingnews.com


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