Classic Movie of 90s `Magic Temple` Remastered And Digitally Restored, Coming Soon In Cinemas!

You’re a legitimate 90’s Kids if you can sing this song.”Buto kalansay tabi tabi po sa bangkay lulubog lilitaw sasarado hukay"


Kids that grew up in 90’s know that Magic Temple was ahead of its time when it comes to visual effects and fantasy storytelling. We will finally see the super fun trio of Omar, Jubal, and Sambag back on big screen.

The 20 year old Lore Reyes and Peque Gallaga won Best Picture in 1996 Metro Manila Film Festival (MMFF), follows the jouney of three young boys who went in a quest to save the magical world of Samadhi after it was threatened by Ravenal.

ABS-CBN Film Restoration posted a teaser of their latest project and the photo went viral


Everyone are very excited on this news and we are looking forward to watch this piece again on Big Screen..



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