TokuSpirits:Not just an ordinary event


We all know that TokuSpirits is an event wherein some of our favorite tokusatsu actors and actresses join forces to gather all Filipino fans in the Philippines for them to meet,greet,mingle and have fun in such occassion.

But do you know that aside from a chance of meeting your favorive tokusatsu heroes,TokuSpirits also acts as a charity  event being Daredemo Hero Inc in Cebu and Cerebral Palsied Association of the Philippines Mandaluyong Chapter in Mandaluyong as its partner to help children to continue with their studies in the hope that they can alleviate the social status of their family.These children are often victims of violence and child abuse,children who have cerebral disorders/disabilities and children who can’t afford to have proper education.


On behalf of Mrs.Georgette Anne Inaba ,90’s Anime and Tokusatsu Philippines and Other groups that are involved we ask all tokusatsu fans for their support this coming TokuSpirits 2017 as we will gladly accept help of any kind,an auction will be held at the said event,all funds that we will gather from the auction and ticket sales will go straight to each and one of the beneficiaries.

Again to tokusatsu all fans in the Philippines thank you for your undying love and support,Good day.

© to Daredemo Hero Inc. for the photo –


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