TokuSpirits 2016 Throwback



TokuSpirits is a yearly event held in the Philippines wherein various Super Sentai actors and actresses are to be witnessed by 90’s tokusatsu fans.This 2016 we are lucky that we have been given a privilege to meet 4 people that have been a part of our childhood,people that engraved their legacy into each and everyone of us.


With that being said here are your TokuSpirits 2016 lineup:


1.Ki! Ki! Aura Powah!,powering to our top spot is Mr. Ryousuke Kaizu who played the role of Takeru/Red Mask in the Super Sentai series Hikari Sentai Maskman.The leader of the group at 23, he is a specialist in karate and a Formula One driver. He was spotted by Sugata a year prior to the beginning of the series while he saved the mother’s infant from being crashed in the railway. Sugata later offered him a spot on the Maskman team.Mr.Ryousuke is now happilly married to a filipina being one of the handlers of the said event.




2. ONE,TWO,T12419318_1056411477753335_8962242095854740954_oHREE,FOUR,FIVE FAIBUMAN! :D,on to our next guest as the second sibling makes it to our 2nd spot Mr. Kei Shindachiya who played the role of Ken Hoshikawa/Five Blue in the Super Sentai series Chikyuu Sentai Fiveman.The second born at 25 years old. He is a Physical
teacher skilled in judo. The subleader of Fiveman. He is extremely passionate in everything he does, relies more in the body combat than in weapons. He even taught one of his students the meaning of courage by defeating a foe without transforming.





3. Da Da Dash!,dashing through our hearts as our 3rd guest Mr.Kenta Satou who played Riki Honoo/Red Turbo in the Super Sentai series Kousoku Sentai Turboranger.A brave high school baseball team captain. An ace pitcher, his technique is the “Demonball of Fire/Honoo” and dreams of becoming a professional. Despite his apparent hyperactivity disorder, Riki has a high sense of justice and confidence.





4.Solja! Solja! B12891092_1056411304420019_7363249510077299836_oioman!,taking our last spot is Ms.Michiko Makino who played the role of Hikaru Katsuragi/Pink Five in the Super Sentai series Choudenshi Bioman.Hikaru Katsuragi is a carnival flutist. She is sweet yet strong and is a mistress of disguise. She bears an unusually strong spirit with a strong motherly instinct. She plays the flute to calm her spirits and to strengthen her resolve.

Off with the intros, here are some of scenes that have happened at the said event:

Whats an event without the guests singing their own theme song?  😀 :

12901476_1056418397752643_3842402745969691460_o  12901218_1056419051085911_4077307347115860816_o
12901093_1056419394419210_3796640253680534904_o  12794853_1056416544419495_7151441962786964725_o

Autograph signing:


Pics with fans:

As we may know TokuSpirits also hosts a charity


As the year 2017 comes close will they hold another event here in the Philippines?,who knows,stay tuned for more updates regarding Tokuspirits 2017.14215501_1334134416605993_721724596_o



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