Chikyuu Sentai Fiveman

Remember Fiveman on ABC-5 ? It was the story of The Hoshikawa siblings who protect the EarthFivemen from Zone Empire.  and i guess that was the 2nd to the last sentai series shown here in the Philippines.

The story starts when Dr.Hoshikawa (Fiveman Siblings Father) was researching how to transform the planet Sedon into a green, lush world, and tested his research by attempting to grow flowers. On the day the first flower bloomed, the Zone Empire launched an assault on the planet, he and his wife were separated from their five children. Arthur G6 took the five children back to Earth and raised them. 20 years later, the five are now teachers in the same school. The Zone empire now prepares to invade Earth as its thousandth target and as they begin the attack, three vehicles appear and counter the offensive. Five warriors descend from the vehicles and confront Zone.


Zone Empire


Galactic Imperial Army Zone and Imperatris Meadow

is an alien army pto rule the entire Milky Way, it flies across universe attacking worlds with its Galactic Warriors. Earth will be its 1,000th destroyed planet, at which point Meadow will gain eternal life. They operate from their ship Vulgyre and can send smaller battleships called Vulgols


Arhur G6


A support robot created by Doctor Hoshikawa, Arthur was the one who raised the orphaned children on Earth, becoming the closest thing they had to their parents, giving them everything from food and drink to medical care. He usually aids Fiveman from the Magma Base but at times he can fly out from base and transform into Earth Cannon.




Gaku Hoshikawa (Five Red)


At 27 years old, he is the eldest and leader of the team. A Science teacher skilled in kendo, Gaku was 7 at the time of the Zone’s attack on Sidon. Calm and responsible, he had the task of raising his four siblings along with Arthur G6, making him not just a big brother but also a leader and a parental figure.Out of fear, fired a gun at Garoa’s face, scarring him, creating a rivalry. Even though he is a reliable and brave leader, he has a major weakness with the supernatural.


Ken Hoshikawa (Five Blue)



The second born. A 25 year old physical education teacher skilled in judo. The subleader of Fiveman. He is extremely passionate in everything he does, relies more in the body combat than in weapons. Even taught one of his students the meaning of courage by defeating a foe without transforming.



Kazumi Hoshikawa (Five Pink)



The third born. A 23 year old Math teacher skilled in fencing. Calm and intelligent, she can analyze and calculate with her “computer like” brain. She was 3 years old at the time of the attack on Sidon and remembers nothing but fear which she had to overcome to do battle with Zone as an adult. Protective and caring, she is a maternal figure to her younger siblings.


Fumiya Hoshikawa (Five Black)



The fifth born and younger twin brother of Remi. A 20 year old Japanese teacher skilled in karate. He has a wide range knowledge of various languages, even alien ones. Despite this, he tends to be childish and reckless. He and Remi were only 1 year old during the attack on Sidon, therefore they continuously suffer for not remembering their parent’s faces.


Remi Hoshikawa (Five Yellow)

The older twin sister of Fumiya. A 20 year old  music teacher skilled in kung fu. Disastrous at housekeeping and cleaning, tasks she leaves to Kazumi or Arthur. She has excellent rhythm and musical sense. She is also a rhythmic gymnast and dancer, which she applies to her fighting. She teaches kids kung-fu in her spare time. In episode 4, she got drunk when water was turned into alcohol as the plan of one of Zone’s minions, but decided to get herself even more drunk and managed to perform Drunken Boxing.


The Hoshikawa siblings have been developing the Fiveman technology and training hard upon the possibility of Zone invading Earth. Now the five siblings are ready to battle with the familiar foes as Fiveman. After defeating the Zone empire, the Fivemen departed Earth to recover their stranded parents.


Their Reunion last September 2016 together with some sentai actors Celebrating the 25th Anniversary of Chikyuu Sentai Fiveman.




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