TokuSpirits 2017: A Day to Remember

The annual TokuSpirits event became bigger this year.  Last year, they featured Kei Shindaya (Five Blue), Ryonosuke Kaizu (Red Mask) , Michiko Makino (Pink Five) and Kento Satou (Red Turbo). And this year the decided to invite two more special guests namely Dairanger’s Ei Hamura (TenmaRanger) and Jetman’s Toshihide Wakamatsu (Black Condor). Another thing that made it special was the fact the event was held together with the highly-anticipated Otaku Expo. The event was held at the Megatrade Hall in SM Megamall from August 12 to 13 for the TokuSpirits event.

The presence of the heroes were definitely felt by the fans who came  to this event especially to those who availed the “Meet and Greet” pass.  The photo  op with the heroes brought nostalgic feeling and excitement. You could even see the fans got super exhilarated while queuing and waiting for their turn to see their favorite childhood heroes. Some even brought their sentai toy collections for signature.

Moreover, they also provided booths for fans who wanted to buy memorabilias and signed souvenirs.

Each day was wrapped up by the sentai actors singing the memorable and catchy theme songs of their respective series.  Filipino fans got all pumped up while singing along. We sure had our own favorite song but one thing was common, that certain moment brought us back to the time when we were younger; those times when we learned that the good defeats the evil, that friendship is treasure and those heroes will forever be a part of our younger selves.
It was indeed a successful event that will surely be remembered. We all hope that more of these kinds of gathering would happen in the future.  In behalf of the organizers and staffs, we thank all of you who participated and supported. See you on the next TokuSpirits.




Tokuspirits 2017:  A Gathering of Heroes

This is it! the most awaited event of 2017 is finally here.

Meet your childhood heroes in one roof. Watch them perform, have yout stuff signed, buy cool merchandise from the auction and many more :).

so be there at the megatrade hall, SM Megamall on August 12-13. tickets are already available so book yours now!

for ticket reservations please click here

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Guest Profile: Ei Hamura

Born on June 11, 1973  in Argentina, Ei Hamura-San (羽村 英)  has been popular for his role as Shoji of the Heavenly Gravity Star (TenmaRanger) in Gosei Sentai Dairanger.  He was known for his  “Long Fist”  technique in this series . Aside from  Dairanger, he also  has four movies under his belt namely Super Sentai World, TORIKO, Jiken Wana Ni Hamaru Onna Tachi, A Sniper’s Woman respectively.

Sentai fans who have been following his Twitter account surely know how enthusiastic and talented this actor is.  And lucky for his Pinoy fans, he is  included on the list of the special guests for this year’s Toku Spirits that  will be held at SM Megamall on August 12-13.

 So what are you guys waiting for? Reserve your tickets  now and meet our 6 marvelous sentai heroes. Tenshin Da!

Guest Profile: Kenta Satou

Not just a sentai actor but indeed a talented singer. Satō Kenta -San (佐藤 健太)  was known for his role  in Kousoku Sentai Turboranger  as the Red Turbo, Riki Honoo.  He was also the one who sang most of the songs for the said series.  Before getting the role of Red Turbo, Satou-san first appeared  in Kamen Rider Black RX . 

It’s been 27 years since the Turbo Ranger  series first aired in Japan and it seems that Satou-san has found the fountain of youth. He has still been actively appearing on various sentai events. He was also one of the guests in last year’s Toku Spirits here in the Philippines and he sure did aced his song number. 

One great news is that he will be back for Tokuspirits 2017 on August 12-13 at SM Megamall!

What are you waiting for? Da-da-dashu! Reserve your tickets now and don’t miss this fantastic event.


Guest Profile: Kei Shindachiya

Kei was born in February 16, 1968. He was known for his role as Ken (Five Blue) in Chikyu Sentai Fiveman.

Aside from Fiveman, he also appeared in Gaoranger Vs Super Sentai. He is also part of last year’s tokuspirits.

Do catch him and once again feel the Aura Power with the rest of the sentai heroes on August 12-13 at SM Megamall for the Tokuspirits 2017.


Guest Profile: Michiko Makino

Michiko Makino was born on October 3, 1964. She was well known for her role as Hikaru/Kimberly in the series Choudenshi Bioman.

This will be her second time in the Philippines as she was also part of last year’s tokuspirits.

See her and 5 other Tokusatsu stars from the 90’s as they will join Tokuspirits 2017 this coming August 12-13 at SM Megamall.


Guest Profile: Kazunori Inaba

Inaba-san also known by his screen name Ryousuke Kaizu (海津亮介) (born December 19, 1961) , is a Japanese actor who has captured the hearts of many tokusatsu fans in the early 90’s by portraying the role of the Hikari Sentai leader / Karate expert , Takeru  or Michael Joe for his Filipino fans.  His role  in the said series not only inculcated strong leadership but it also taught us not to give up on true love.

A father of two and happily married; he has been actively participating in various tokusatsu and charity events. 

Do catch him and once again feel the Aura Power with the rest of the sentai heroes on August 12-13 at SM Megamall for the Tokuspirits 2017.